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All films will play online opening for viewing on specified dates.


Friday, Feb 5th

7:00pm, 103 min. You Will Die At Twenty

Saturday, Feb 6th

3:00pm, 111 min. Hero - Inspired by the Extraordinary Life & Times of Mr. Ulric Cross

7:00pm, 72 min. Air Conditioner

Thursday, Feb 11th

7:00pm, 96 min. Softie

Friday, Feb 12th

7:00pm, 65 min. Lusala

Saturday, Feb 13th

3:00pm, 17 min. Blood Rider

3:00pm, 18 min. Hyphen

3:00pm, 13 min. Patois

3:00pm, 22 min. Pumzi

7:00pm, 120 min. This Is Not a Burial, It's a Resurrection

Thursday, Feb 18th

7:00pm, 87 min. Whispering Truth to Power

Friday, Feb 19th

7:00pm, 88 min. Arab Blues

Saturday, Feb 20th

3:00pm, 80 min. Minga and the Broken Spoon

7:00pm, 70 min. The Ghost and the House of Truth

Thursday, Feb 25th

7:00pm, 90 min. Downstream To Kinshasa

Friday, Feb 26th

7:00pm, 107 min. Nafi's Father

Saturday, Feb 27th

3:00pm, 110 min. When We're Born

7:00pm, 86 min. Dhalinyaro (Youth)

Thursday, Mar 4th

5:00pm, 78 min. Finding Sally

Friday, Mar 5th

7:00pm, 105 min. Desrances

Saturday, Mar 6th

3:00pm, 99 min. Subira

7:00pm, 95 min. Farewell Amor