You Will Die At Twenty

Directed by Amjad Abu Alala

2019, 103 min

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Opening Night

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Amjad Abu Alala’s astonishing first feature film tells the wondrously strange story of a young man named Muzamil, who receives a curse at birth that he will die at the age of 20. The film explores the powerful hold that outdated beliefs and traditions have on people’s lives and how, in Muzamil’s case, they prevent him from embracing and fully living the 20 years of life he has been granted. It is Sulaiman, a man the villagers despise as a drunk and sinner, who saves Muzamil by opening his eyes and mind to a whole new world of possibilities and ways of thinking.

In Arabic with English subtitles.

Friday, February 5, 6:00 pm, with online Opening Night Ceremony followed by film at 7:00 pm; Q&A with director at 9:00 pm (via Zoom)

Friday, February 5th 2021 | 7:00pm

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