The listing below contain the dates and times of film showings. Availability of film viewing locations may vary. Learn more about PCC COVID-19 health and safety procedures.

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Friday, February 3

7:00pm The Blue Caftan at the Hollywood Theatre, 118 min.

Saturday, February 4

7:00pm You're My Favourite Place viewed online, 90 min.

7:00pm You're My Favourite Place at PCC Cascade, 90 min.

Thursday, February 9

7:00pm We, Students! viewed online, 82 min.

Friday, February 10

7:00pm The Gravedigger’s Wife at PCC Cascade, 82 min.

7:00pm The Gravedigger’s Wife viewed online, 82 min.

Saturday, February 11

2:00pm The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind at PCC Cascade, 113 min.

7:00pm Father's Day at PCC Cascade, 111 min.

7:00pm Father's Day viewed online, 111 min.

Thursday, February 16

7:00pm I Am Samuel at PCC Cascade, 69 min.

7:00pm I Am Samuel viewed online, 69 min.

Friday, February 17

7:00pm Juwaa at the Hollywood Theatre, 85 min.

7:00pm Juwaa viewed online, 85 min.

Saturday, February 18

2:00pm Egúngún (Masquerade) viewed online, 15 min.

2:00pm Baba viewed online, 15 min.

2:00pm #BlackBoyJoyGone viewed online, 25 min.

7:00pm Neptune Frost at PCC Cascade, 105 min.

Thursday, February 23

7:00pm Music is My Life viewed online, 90 min.

Friday, February 24

7:00pm Feathers viewed online, 112 min.

Saturday, February 25

7:00pm Moto Taxi / Bendskins viewed online, 90 min.

Thursday, March 2

7:00pm No Simple Way Home at PCC Cascade, 83 min.

7:00pm No Simple Way Home viewed online, 83 min.

Friday, March 3

7:00pm Souad at PCC Cascade, 96 min.

7:00pm Souad viewed online, 96 min.

Saturday, March 4

2:00pm Burkinabé at PCC Cascade, 75 min.

7:00pm Queen of Glory at PCC Cascade, 78 min.

7:00pm Burkinabé viewed online, 75 min.

7:00pm Queen of Glory viewed online, 78 min.