Directed by Michael Swan

South Africa, 2009 , 88 min.

According to the legends of the Shangaan people of South Africa, the birth of a white lion is a gift from the ancestors, its presence ensuring peace and prosperity for all in the tribal lands. It has been many years since one was born, and when the white lion cub called Letsatsi is born, he is soon cast out of the pride and forced to find his own way. Fortunately, he has a young Shangaan friend named Gisani and an older lion named Nkulu to watch after him. But troubles abound for this rare and beautiful creature on his arduous journey to adulthood. Narrated with characteristic warmth and wisdom by John Kani (one of our visiting directors at CFAF 2010), this stunning, live-action “family feature film” was filmed entirely on location in South Africa.
Please join us for a booksigning of Zanzu the Weaverbird by Elliott Friedman

An original story in the style of an African folk tale that Elliott wrote and illustrated for an 8th grade project under the guidance of his mentor, award-winning Portland artist, ceramicist, writer and storyteller, Baba Wagué Diakité.

The book tells the tale of a very talented, but selfish weaverbird who learns to use his considerable skills to benefit not only himself, but his community. The lesson Zanzu learns is grounded in the traditional Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu.

Proceeds from sales of the book are being donated to non-profit groups focused on improving housing conditions and the lives of children in South Africa’s poorest communities.