Directed by Demetrius Wren

South Africa, USA, 2010 , 90 min.

Last year the entire world had its eye on South Africa, where the FIFA World Cup men’s soccer tournament was held. We got to see the best of the best, of soccer and of South Africa. But there is of course another reality in the country: the poor, the orphaned, and the homeless. And they too have their tournament. Called the Homeless World Cup, it is an annual event that draws teams from more than 56 countries. Streetball tells the story of the South African squad: Captain Martin Africa, Vice-Captain Thapelo Kalpens, top scorer Sandile Mhlongo, goalkeeper Petros “Rasta” Nkomo,” and the rest of the team, all of them orphans, ex-cons, former gangsters, and recovering drug addicts. This is a tale of recovery, love, and hope, punctuated by strong visuals and a powerful soundtrack.

In English. Director Demetrius Wren will introduce his film and answer questions following the screening.