Directed by Tunde Kelani

Nigeria, 2008 , 97 min.

Serving as an allegory for contemporary Nigeria, Arugba is the latest film by leading Nigerian filmmaker Tunde Kelani. Longtime CFAF audience members know Mr. Kelani’s films (Thunderbolt at CFAF 2002, The Narrow Path at CFAF 2008, and Abeni at CFAF 2009) as an entertaining blend of social commentary, romantic comedy, and traditional moral tale. Arugba continues in this vein. Add singing and dancing, some health lessons, a little Barack Obama, and a bit of kung fu, and you’ve got “Nollywood” at its best. Adetutu, a university student and the niece of a provincial king, has been chosen to be the “ceremonial virgin” in the traditional masquerade festival. She is beautiful, intelligent, courteous, talented, and courageous. But will she be able to save her people from the pervasive corruption and intrigues in the king’s palaces?

In Yoruba and English with English subtitles.