2003 Festival


CFAF 2003 poster

Poster by Laura Reese

Visiting Directors

  • Aminah Abdul-Jabbaar (United States)
  • Haile Gerima (Ethiopia)


Films with an asterisk (*) are available in the PCC Library’s African Film Collection. If you are not a PCC student, inquire about a guest library card.

  • *Adwa: An African Victory, Haile Gerima (Ethiopia)
  • Bilalian, Aminah AbdulJabbaar (Senegal, Gambia, United States)
  • *Camp at Thiaroye, Ousmane Sembène (Senegal)
  • Christopher Changes His Name, Cilia Sawadogo (Burkina Faso, Canada)
  • *Daresalam, Issa Serge Coelo (Chad)
  • *It’s My Life, Brian Tilley (South Africa)
  • *Karmen Geï, Joseph Gaï Ramaka (Senegal)
  • *Kirikou & the Sorceress, Michel Ocelot (France)
  • *Mama Africa, Pt. I, Pickering et al. (Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa)
  • *Middle Passage, Guy Deslauriers (Martinique)
  • *Naguib Mahfouz, Francka Mouloudi (Egypt)
  • *Nelio’s Story, Solveig Nordlund (Mozambique, Sweden)
  • *Sankofa, Haile Gerima (Ghana, Jamaica, United States)
  • *Satin Rouge, Raja Amari (Tunisia)
  • Scenarios from the Sahel, West African directors (Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso)
  • *Sia, The Myth of the Python, Dani Kouyaté (Burkina Faso)
  • *The Closed Doors, Atef Hetata (Egypt)
  • The Cora Player, Cilia Sawadogo (Burkina Faso, Canada)
  • *Umm Kulthum, A Voice Like Egypt, Michal Goldman (Egypt)