Directed by King Luu

2011 & 2013,107 min

Student Fest Matinee

Hailed as the first “Pidgen Musical” in the world, Coz Ov Moni 1 & 2 stars rapping duo M3NSA and Wanlov the Kubolor, who on a normal morning in Gbese, Accra, wake up and plan to go clubbing with some lady friends after chasing an evasive debtor for their money. After getting the money, they set off to blow it on food, partying and women with hilarious and dramatic consequences. Full of outrageous, sometimes indecent, humor and satire, the film nonetheless highlights real struggles of ordinary young Ghanaians as they go about the day.

In Pidgen English with English subtitles.

Pre-film pizza party

Wednesday, February 21st 2018 | 1:00pm
PCC Cascade

Note: Student Fest Matinee
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