Your annual membership donation to the Cascade Festival of African Films helps bring African films and visiting film directors to Portland viewers free of charge every year. Donations in any amount are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Donate here today. You will be redirected to the Portland Community College Foundation’s secure donation site.

If you prefer to pay by check, please make your check payable to the PCC Foundation, earmarked “CFAF” or “Friends of CFAF,” and mail it to the PCC Foundation, P.O. Box 19000, Portland, OR 97280-0990.

By donating, you become a FRIEND OF CFAF, an important member of the community committed to sustaining the Cascade Festival of African Films. Friends of CFAF will receive invitations to receptions for visiting film directors and other events during the festival season as well as e-newsletters throughout the year with the latest festival news and developments.

Your contributions to the Cascade Festival of African Films are tax-deductible. Thank you very much for your support of the Cascade Festival of African Films!


To ensure that the Cascade Festival of African Films will forever enrich our community, Mary and Bob Holmström have created a dedicated endowment to fund the longest-running African Film Festival in the United States.

To learn more or to give, contact the PCC Foundation: tel. 971-722-4382  or you can donate online right now.

Thank you for contributing to the CFAF Endowment Fund and helping build a permanent foundation of support for the Cascade Festival of African Films.

In honor of CFAF’s 25th anniversary in 2015, we raised $25,466.00 for the CFAF Endowment Fund to help build permanent support for the Cascade Festival of African Films!
We’d like the thank the following donors:  
Matthew and Ella Essieh
Mary and Bob Holmström
Wiley G. Barnett
Michael and Kiki Dembrow
Linda H. Elegant
Albert Hoagland
Joyce Millen
Gilbert Neiger
Intel Corporation
April L. Adams
Priscilla Carlson
Greg Coyle
Ann F. Dudley
Angela Emmerson
Fredrick Field-Eaton
Kathleen D. Fisher
Susan H. Giese
Molly Kramer
Mary Kay Landis
Dana Louis
Kwaku Mensah
Jay Moskovitz and Gloria Halper
PC Peri
Duane A. Schaad
Belva I. Seaberry
Kurt P. Simonds
Arvie Smith and Julie Kern Smith
Wilma Smith
Gail C. Stiffler
Jeff A. Strang and Tamara L. Boyd
Stacey B. Triplett
Saundra D. Tucker
Okwuchukwu Gerald Uba
Rodolfo E. Valentin
Kathleen Wilde