Committee Members

The 26th Cascade Festival of African Films Committee:

  • April Adams
  • Wiley G. Barnett
  • Tracey Brown
  • C. Louis Butts, Jr.
  • Bobbie Carrie
  • Maty Cissé
  • Greg Coyle
  • Kiki Dembrow
  • Michael Dembrow
  • Tatyana Dembrow
  • Baba Wagué Diakité
  • Penda Diakité
  • Sidy Diop
  • Amadou Fofana
  • Tara Foster
  • Tracy Francis
  • Darrell Fuhriman
  • Tedla Gessesse
  • Gloria Halper
  • Marco Holman
  • Mark Holman
  • Bob Holmström
  • Mary Holmström
  • Mike Johnson
  • Shawn Jones
  • Lisa Leonard
  • Kevin McNulty
  • Jay Moskovitz
  • Nana Nash
  • Ruth Nemarundwe
  • Ronna Neuenschwander
  • PC Peri
  • Megan Phillips
  • David Rutiezer
  • Anatole Schaff
  • Joseph Smith-Buani
  • Lotus Steering
  • Carrie Walker

Aren Moffat designed the 26th Annual Cascade Festival of African Films poster and program cover. He is currently a student in the Graphic Design Program at the PCC Sylvania Campus.

Ali Gray, Luis Menchu, Gabriel Nagmay, and Anatole Schaff designed the festival website. Ali Gray is Web Designer, Luis is Web Services Manager, and Gabriel is Web Programmer at PCC. Anatole works at Oracle Corporation and is a member of the Cascade Festival of African Films Committee.

Felipe Mirez designed the 3-D animation presentation for the 26th festival. Felipe is a digital artist and animator whose work can be viewed at