Directed by Leila Djansi

Ghana, 2011 , 100 min.

Women Filmmakers Week

Ties That Bind follows three women from different walks of life who have each suffered the loss of a child. Buki is a gifted but troubled young doctor; Theresa is an American who moved to Ghana to escape heartache; while Adobea lives in a village in a traditional marriage with her husband and her husband’s family. The three band together to renovate a dilapidated and supposedly haunted clinic in the village. In the process, they help each other find forgiveness, love and redemption. Winner of nine Ghana Movie Awards in 2011, Ties That Bind is the second film by Leila Djansi to be shown at CFAF. Her historical drama I Sing of A Well showed at CFAF in 2011.

In English.

Sponsored by Linfield College.