An CFAF exclusive interview with Abba T. Makama director of our Student Fest Matinee Green White Green

What inspired you to make this film?

While I was in New York  studying I realized I knew so much about the western world, its history, its art and even pop culture but the west was completely clueless about me and where I came from. To the western world Africa is only synonymous to war, famine and poverty. I made this film to change the narrative of where I come from. As the full title of the film suggest Nigeria is a beautiful mosaic of madness. Its the most diverse place on the planet and there’s a lot  going on beyond what you see in the news. Nigeria has produced Nobel prize winners like Wole Soyinka, electronic music legend William Onyeabor and painters like Ben Enwonwu.

What was the process like in making it?

Making a movie in Nigeria is INSANITY! You are working against all the odds. The sound of a noisy generator interfering with your sound recording, cast and crew coming late due to the crazy Lagos traffic, Power failure, being harassed by area boys (street thugs) while filming. Its quite crazy.

However we did our best to shoot in certain locations some what free of the aforementioned.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m currently developing my next film titled The Lost Okoroshi a story about a man who is transformed into a traditional Okoroshi masquerade.