Directed by Khalo Matabane

South Africa, 2010 , 79 min.

State of Violence tells the story of Bobedi, a member of South Africa’s new black business elite. On a night he and his wife Joy are celebrating his latest job promotion, an intruder murders Joy in a seemingly random act of violence. Frustrated by the slow pace of the police investigation, Bobedi tries to take justice into his own hands, and he enlists the help of his younger brother, Boy-Boy, played by Presley Chweneyagae (Tsotsi), to track down the killer. But when Bobedi captures the murderer, he is forced to confront a terrible secret from his past as an anti-apartheid revolutionary. Director Khalo Matabane widens the film’s focus from the story of one man to an examination of the consequences of memory and denial, ever-vital issues within South Africa’s collective memory. The film offers no easy answers.

In English, Zulu, and Tsotsitaal with English subtitles.


Sponsored by Oregon State University.