Directed by Leila Djansi

Ghana, 2009 , 100 min.

This award-winning film, starring some of Ghana’s top actors, is set in the time of the ancient Mali Empire, blending historical epic and timeless romantic melodrama. To protect the Kingdom of Kotengbi from slave raiders, Prince Wenambe decides to build a wall around his kingdom and pledge allegiance to Mansa Musa, the great Muslim king who ruled the Mali Empire from 1307 to 1337. Prince Wenambe falls in love with Soraya, but Soraya is in love with Dume, a poor hunter who cannot afford the bride price that Soraya’s uncle demands. The result is a love triangle fueled by love, passion, obsession, and the prediction of the seer Alaka that Dume will be the father of kings and Soraya the mother of princes.

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