Directed by Yes! That’s Us (Donald Mugisha, Rogers Wadada, Alex Ireeta, and Senkaaba “Xenson” Samson)

Uganda, 2008, 89 min.

In this compelling tale of friendship and ambition, four aspiring musicians are offered a performance spot at a club in the capital city of Kampala. But obstacles abound – rivalry from another hip-hop group, lack of funds, and a run-in with tax-enforcement officials – that test their friendship and the strength of their mission. Popular Ugandan musical artists such as Kyagulanyi “Bobi Wine” Ssentamu and Catherine “Scarlet” Nakyanzi star in the film, infusing it with the musical energy that pulsates throughout urban Africa. Divizionz is a DIY, guerrilla-style feature film that presents an evocative and riveting mosaic of modern Ugandan life.