Marie-Madeleine: A Female Chief

Directed by Florence Ayisi

2018,66 min

Women Filmmakers Week – Documentary Series

Sponsored by Mercy Corps

As Marie-Madeleine beats the African drum on her enthronement day, the gentle sounds signal a break with tradition. It is the dawn of a new era in the village of Nkol Ngock I. A woman will be their traditional leader. This is an unusual occurrence in most African societies, where the position of chief is customarily handed down from father to son. This documentary presents a rare glimpse into a community undergoing change. Social attitudes toward gender equality are changing, as men openly acknowledge and speak about the importance of women in development. Even though some villagers consider Marie-Madeleine a “stranger” because she lives in the capital city of Yaoundé, she is determined to learn about her culture and integrate into village life.

In French and Ewondo with English subtitles.

Preceded by the short film RESTORING FOCUS.

Thursday, February 28th 2019 | 7:00pm
PCC Cascade

Note: Women Filmmakers Week - Documentary Series
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