24th Annual Cascade Festival of African Films

24th Annual Cascade Festival of African Films


Directed by Samouté Andrey Diarra

France, Mali, 2012 , 72 min.

Thursday Evening Documentary Film Series

The Bozos of the West African nation of Mali have been renowned for generations for their skill in the art of fishing. They know the waters of the Niger River better than anyone, and they are on good terms with the water spirits. Having lost their jobs due to climate change and overfishing, a group of fishermen have adopted a new line of work. Dubbed Sand Fishers, the men now harvest wet compact sand and gravel from the bottom of waterways for use by the construction industry. The film follows Gala as he goes about his exhausting work, returns to his village, and advises his young sons. He urges them not to forget where their roots are, but it is painfully clear that the Bozos’ traditional way of life is destined to disappear.

In Bambara with English subtitles.

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