24th Annual Cascade Festival of African Films

24th Annual Cascade Festival of African Films


Directed by Akin Omotoso

South Africa, 2011 , 80 min.

Femi, a Nigerian political dissident who fled to the supposed safety of South Africa, is missing. His brother Ade, a banker living in London, goes on a desperate search for his brother in the townships surrounding Johannesburg where xenophobic tensions are rampant. Tracking down his brother proves no easy task, and the longer Ade searches for Femi, the more his journey turns into a surreal nightmare. This noir thriller by the Nigerian-born filmmaker, Akin Omotoso, is gritty, passionate, and emotionally charged, inspired by the 2008 burning of Ernesto Nhamuave, a Mozambican immigrant living in an informal settlement outside Johannesburg.

In English, Zulu, Sotho, and Yoruba with English subtitles.

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