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Directed by Hajooj Kuka

2018,78 min

Adnan is a revolutionary war hero whose love for fighting and his AK-47 is rivaled only by his feelings for Lina, his long-suffering sweetheart. When Adnan is late to return to his military unit after leave, the army commander launches a “kasha” to round up truant soldiers. Distracted by Lina, Adnan is caught off guard and makes a run for it. He joins up with Absi, who is also dodging the kasha. Together, these two unlikely friends plot ways to reunite Adnan with his gun – and with Lina. Through a series of wry and humorous incidents over 24 hours, AKasha explores life and love in rebel-held areas of Sudan.

In Arabic with English subtitles.

Preceded by the short film LITTLE FIEL.

Thursday, February 7th 2019 | 2:00pm
PCC Cascade

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Monday, February 25th 2019 | 7:00pm
PCC Cascade

Note: Saturday Social begins 5:30 p.m.
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